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Monday, October 29, 2012

Ten Worst States To Retire 2012

It's no secret that retirees generally don't like the cold, so it should come as no surprise that there is an abundance of northern states on this year's list of 10 Worst States to Retire from However, the weather is far from the only problem these states have.

If you love one of these states, don't take it personally. This list only reports what an objective look at retirement-related factors dictates. Naturally, individual preferences can greatly affect your choice of retirement destinations. However, as a guide to some possible warning signs for retirees, has sought to identify the states that may have the most significant issues on quantifiable measures.

Key factors for retirement
The following measures formed the basis of this year's analysis:
  • Senior population growth. Based on census data, some states have just been more attractive to retirees than others in recent years, so the growth in each state's senior population factored into these rankings.

  • Economic conditions. Even if you don't intend to work at all in retirement, chances are you wouldn't find living in an area of high unemployment very pleasant. Cost of living and property taxes were also taken into consideration, since these greatly affect seniors.

  • Crime rate. Seniors can be especially vulnerable to both violent and property crimes, so both were factored into the list.
  • Climate. Not everyone wants a warm-weather retirement, but seniors tend not to enjoy extremes, so the climate factor in this list was based on monthly deviations from a moderate 68 degrees.

  • Life expectancy. Looking at each state's average life expectancy for people at age 65 can provide clues on factors ranging from quality and availability of health care to the purity of the environment.


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Anonymous said...

Maryland is one of the worst! Surprised?