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Monday, September 17, 2012

Obama To Hit China With Trade Case Over Cars, Parts

President Barack Obama launches a campaign swing through the pivotal battleground of Ohio on Monday — armed with a new trade enforcement case against China over allegedly improper subsidies to its auto and auto-parts sectors.
Mitt Romney has recently escalated his attacks on the incumbent as not doing enough to protect America's battered manufacturing sector from unfair competition from Beijing. The message has special resonance in states like Ohio, where the auto-parts sector accounts for a sizeable chunk of the economy. (The White House says the industry directly employs 54,200 Ohioans and supports some 850,000 total jobs).


Anonymous said...

This is just an election ploy. he has absolutely no interest in American industry-his only interest is re-election.

thomas augustus littleton said...

9:13 is right. Obama made promises to repeal trade agreements that were crippling American workers during his first campaign 4 years years ago. It sounded promising, but he was a lying snake. Once elected, he forgot that promise till now; how convenient! American labor should remember that his vows to support them mean nothing and how soon he will forget his promise to end traitorous trade agreements if he is reelected. Trouble is, Republicans support those agreements, too, making the rich richer at the expense of American labor. But we know for sure that Obama was a lying snake in his campaign promises to labor. It probably won't help since virtually all politicians are for sale to the highest bidder, but give somebody else a chance! We've seen what Obama's promises are worth, absolutely nothing!

Anonymous said...

What about Obama's buddy the head of GE. Closed his plants here in the US and moved them to China.