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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Narcotics Detectives Arrest New York Men For Distribution Of Drugs

On August 18, 2012, at approximately 12:40 a.m. members of the Ocean City Police Narcotics Unit and the Worcester County Criminal Enforcement Team were investigating the illegal distribution of Marijuana in the area of 608 Philadelphia Avenue. During the investigation, OCPD detectives and uniformed police personnel attempted to arrest two suspects for distribution of controlled dangerous substances (CDS) on the porch of 608 Philadelphia Ave.

As police were attempting to place the suspects under arrest, the suspects began to struggle and fight with the officers. At this time, several other occupants of the residence exited the residence and began to interfere with the arresting officers and fight with the police.

Police, who had to call for additional units to assist with the arrest, located additional marijuana from the top floor unit where friends of the suspects were staying.

In all, four suspects were arrested as follows:

Thomas William Mullen, 20, of Pearl River, NY – Charged with Conspiracy to Distribute CDS and Resisting Arrest.
Andrew James McAllister, 20, of Garnerville, NY – Charged with Distribution of CDS.
Michael Anthony Sadori, 20, of North Rockland, NY – Charged with Charged with Conspiracy to Distribute CDS and Resisting Arrest.
Thomas Patrick Brannigan, Jr., 20, of Garnerville, NY – Charged with Distribution of CDS.

After being seen by an Ocean City District Court Commissioner, all four suspects were transferred to the Worcester County Jail were they are being held on $7500.00 bond.


Anonymous said...

$7500 bond is chump change for drug dealers

Anonymous said...

How much marijuana did they have?

Jack K Richards said...

Go get'em OCPD & WCSO

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:51, white boys always get lower bail.

Anonymous said...

Keep right on wasting manpower on potheads while the pedophiles and other dangerous criminals do what they want.Idiots.

Anonymous said...

Well keep right on smoking it and keep it to yourself.I recently started smoking it trying to relax my body and get rid of some pain.

Don't have to worry about local doctor's scared to write a prescription for pain killers. Or some stupid nurse wanting a urine test because she thinks we are selling them or using them to get high.

But if they find pot in your system, they kick you out of their program.

They have no clue how to control pain on the shore. Across the bay next time for me.