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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Let Me Make Something Very Clear

Last week when I attended the Chamber of Commerce Luncheon, former Council President Mike Dunn presented his "Red, White & Boom" 4th of July package for the City of Salisbury. Mr. Dunn clearly stated that they had already raised $45,000.00 and each year the fireworks expense, (20 minutes long) would cost $20,000.00.

I want to make this very clear.

#1, Mr. Dunn's efforts are to be commended. Salisbury should have an INDEPENDENT 4th of July Celebration. After all, we are the biggest City on the Eastern Shore.

#2, Mr. Dunn openly expressed he has already raised the money for two and a quarter years for this event well before it even kicks off.

Now, that being said, I was absolutely stunned when Mr. Dunn finished his presentation and Mayor Jim Ireton stood in front of everyone there and announced the City, (John Pick) had found $5,000.00 in which the Mayor challenged anyone else to match those funds. Nevertheless, the Mayor verbally committed to $5,000.00 in which HE CANNOT DO!

That would be like the Mayor going to a local Bar and running up a tab and say, put it on the taxpayers without the City Council's knowledge or permission. This is the very reason we have checks and balances in government.

Perhaps many of you don't realize how government works. You see, we have a City Council to make sure this exact crap doesn't happen. The Mayor has NO RIGHT jumping up and saying someone can have something without the permission of the LEGISLATIVE body!

Now Mr. Pick is coming forward, (after the fact) and asking, (off the record) if the Council President would put this on the agenda. I say, hell no. Considering Mr. Dunn already stated they have more than 2 years worth of funding, since the City has already committed to police and fire protection, (which is HUGE money) there is absolutely NO NEED for this funding.

If Mr. Pick and Mayor Ireton had come to the City Council and the Council already knew there was private funding to cover the event for 2+ years they would be expected to vote it down.

Now don't come back here with comments like, it's 4th of July, we should participate. My hat is tipped to Mr. Dunn for finally doing something that doesn't cost the taxpayers. Should I be elected I can assure you I will always do everything in my powers to keep from taking from the taxpayers and get all I can done with private funding.

So when the Daily Times slams Terry Cohen and the rest of the Council for hopefully rejecting this offer, know the FACTS first. Know the Mayor made an illegal offer and had NO RIGHT to do so.

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Anonymous said...

If this proves to be a success by giving the area businesses an economic boost, then I don't have a problem with the city contributing to make it a bigger and better event the following year.
They could offset their portion by charging people to park-Just kidding! :) :)

Anonymous said...

It's the same secret dealings with these people that screw the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

I have a huge problem with Ireton doing this. I do not put Mayor in front of his name as he is a shining example of what a Mayor should not be like.

Anonymous said...

Funny how the city now has $5000 for fireworks, when they didn't have $1000 for fireworks when they got canceled.

Now let's see where they decide to shoot them off.

I guess it's not who you know, it's who you....

Anonymous said...

i wouldn't bend over in front of either dunn or ireton

Anonymous said...

debbie campbell continues to find shovel ready buried money, hidden with hopes for misuse by ireton and mitchell. she has done this year in and year out to protect the taxpayer's hard earned money.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Ireton and Pick set Terry Cohen up for another beating in the press.

Anonymous said...

Joe, Speaking of fireworks, do you know when the Willards fireworks are? It is a very nice display and so much family fun.

Anyway back to the drama with the city, the Mayor cannot commit any amount of money without a vote on it first. It's a way of protecting the taxpayers of Salisbury.

Imagine if you will, there was no procedure in place to keep the Mayor from writing checks to whoever he felt like. He would bankrupt Salisbury.

As far as fireworks themselves, I'm most certain there are plenty of business willing to make some donations to help with the cost. Just don't expect it to come from Mayor Liarton.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, Joe, if the taxpayers are providing police and fire protection that should not be overlooked as a contribution. Many of the people who will attend Salisbury's fireworks will not be taxpayers of Salisbury.

Anonymous said...

Does this mayor ever communicate with the city council before he makes commitments? He keeps accusing them of trying to strip him of his powers, but the more I read of what goes on, it sounds like he completely ignores the ones they have!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a huge problem with Ireton doing this. I do not put Mayor in front of his name as he is a shining example of what a Mayor should not be like.

May 23, 2012 12:51 PM

I to refuse to call Jim Beau Mayor as do I refuse to call Obammie President. These individuals were elected by deceit and lies by the Democrats who are to stupid to know and understand the truth. They are nothing, but homosexual wannabe's starving for power.

Anonymous said...

Jim Ireton needs to give the deserving city employees a pay raise with that found workers comp money. I intentionally traveled those streets today to see if they need resurfacing. Guess what? All streets in Salisbury can hold off on the resurfacing for a couple of years.

Anonymous said...

Jim was probably committing his personal money.Put up or shut up.

Anonymous said...


This will do nothing for local business.

Anonymous said...


I can not believe you are supporting this political circus, presented by, ringmaster Mike Dunn and supported by non other than slick Billy Gordy. Have you forgotten it was Barrie Tilghmans administration, Mike Dunn as Pres of the council that told the Jaycees to take a hike when they were putting on the annual fireworks show? Have you forgotten it was Slick Billy Gordy that insisted there was no place safe in city limits to put on this kind of show? Now lo and behold, Dunn moves back to the city he broke his neck getting out of when he left council, and Gordy, now retired from the SVFD, raises $45k for fireworks both of them had a hand in putting an end to. To top it all off, Slick Billy just happened to be Gary Comegys campaign manager, now that Gary has retired from politics, Slick Billy moves on to the most despicable human to sit at a council table.

Now here is the other thing you may have missed. Ireton proposes to put up $5k with a challenge to match. Don't you think Ireton knows he can't just offer money without council consent? Don't you see the setup in the making? Debbie Campbell has been a fiscal watchdog since her first election. Don't you think they know she will not approve of this expenditure? This is just political fodder for Dunn's campaign. He can stand on his soap box and point a finger at Debbie because she wouldn't waste $5k on folly when there are so many other things that are necessary.

This is nothing less than smoke and mirrors. It's going to take a lot more than 2 years worth of fireworks to make Dunn look like an acceptable representative of the people. His track record is there, memories in this town are very long.