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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

California Senate Votes To Allow Self-Driving Cars

(Reuters) - California took a step toward becoming the second state in the nation to allow self-driven cars on its roads on Monday, as the state Senate unanimously agreed to allow autonomously driven vehicles such as those pioneered by Google.

Google's self-driving cars have already crossed the Golden Gate Bridge and driven along the picturesque Pacific Coast Highway, according to the company, which has taken California lawmakers on test drives.

"I had the pleasure of going out for a drive on the autonomous vehicle," California state Senator Alan Lowenthal said before the unopposed vote. "I have to say that there are some still issues with it, but it's a better driver than I am."



Anonymous said...

So if the car malfunctions and causes an accident, who is at fault?

moe said...

can you still get a dui,if its driving you home from a bar drunk.