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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Chinese Activist Leaves US Embassy

Blind Chinese legal activist Chen Guangcheng leaves US Embassy to receive medical care in Beijing and be reunited with this family, US official says.

From Fox News

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lmclain said...

How coincidental. obama wants the Chinese to buy another trillion of our debt (and they know we ain't paying it back), and we just happen to be "protecting" a dissident of theirs. So, in a gesture of freedom, we give him back to the Chinese for "medical help". If he doesn't need any of that right now, give the Chinese secret police a few days. He will surely need a lot of it then. So will his family. NOW, the Chinese will loan our sinking, stinking, debt ridden and morally bankrupt nation another year of life. The Chinese are openly laughing at our helplessness. Too bad obama doesn't have about 15-20 more dissenters he can hand over to one of the most ruthless and repressive regimes on the planet. Brilliant!