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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Trayvon Inc: US Teen's Case Turns Into Brand

The case of an unarmed black teenager killed by a neighborhood watch volunteer is quickly turning into an Internet-fueled brand.

Websites are hawking key chains bearing Trayvon Martin's likeness. His parents have bought two trademarks, saying they hope to raise money to help other families struck by tragedy. Trayvon clothes, bumper stickers, buttons and posters are up for grabs on eBay.

Vendors selling Martin T-shirts and hoodies have become fixtures at rallies in Sanford, the central Florida town where Martin was shot last month. At one Sanford rally this week, a man had a variety of T-shirts laid out on the ground as marchers went by, yelling out, "I've got every size!"

The Martin shooting by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmernan, who says he shot the 17-year-old Miami teen in self-defense, has inflamed racial tensions across the country, brought out thousands for rallies, prompted a civil rights probe and a personal reference to the case by President Obama.


Anonymous said...

This is really sad. A child is dead. A mans life hangs in the balance and it has turned into a freak show money making event. It all needs to stop. Arrest Zimmerman. Charge him with manslaughter. Give everyone their day in court. Accept the outcome and move on.

Anonymous said...

10:09-I can tell you are'nt they type to stay angry long.Unfortunately there are those who savor their anger & will take it to their grave.I'm like you.Give everyone their day in court.Accept the outcome and move on.Well said.

Anonymous said...

The apple didn't fall from that tree

Anonymous said...

I am sick of the Trayvon stories. It has turned into a racial issue and if it had been two white boys you would have never heard anything about it. I am sorry any child was killed but enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

Where is the same outrage over the deaths of 2 British men (white tourists) killed by a black teen last April in Sarasota,FL? These guys got lost and ended up in the "projects" and then ended up dead. Does anyone besides me have the feeling that the Trayvon Martin death is being exploited and stirred up beyond what usually happens? I realize a young man lost his life and that is tragic, but the rhetoric has been over the top and the use of race as the issue is wrong. Our system works without the help of the "race-baters". The investigation will be conducted and if Mr. Zimmerman's
story does not hold up, he will be charged, arrested and tried according to the rules that govern our judicial system. When we start deciding among ourselves over issues like this the results will be

Anonymous said...

If Trayvon was white it would have been "business as usual" and we all wold have never heard a word about it just like the young man murdered last week at Mississippi State, he was white, murdered by the black males who did not even attend the school. Yet you will not hear a word about it.