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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Obama's Arrogance And Rampant Hypocrisy!

I have been watching the media circus concerning the very disturbing incident that occurred in Sanford, Florida recently. It has been impossible to stay away from, because the shooting of the young man, Trayvon Martin, has become the headline story on virtually every single media outlet. I have hesitated to write about this subject, and will not comment on the case itself, but it has been sensationalized almost beyond imagination. This could not have happened without the mainstream media, and its drive to build a national story at any cost.

My questions would not concentrate on any racial implications because that should be irrelevant, and because the untimely death of anyone, regardless of color, is always a tragedy. So why is almost all the coverage based on white versus black or black versus white?

I would ask, why should the color of one’s skin matter, and why should any greater importance be placed on such a shallow and obvious race-related conclusion? Aren’t we all the same in that we are all human beings? Aren’t we all born with the same natural rights? Don’t we all live on this earth together? Do any of us have any say as to where we are born, or what color we are? Do any of us deserve more favorable consideration simply due the consequences of our birth and heritage? Would race be such a big issue without the agitators, the politicians, and the media’s continuous stirring of the pot of hatred of one group over another? In the scheme of things, is one man’s life worth more than another man’s life, simply due to the color of his skin? Only the truth should matter, except for those with an agenda, and something to gain from the pain of others.

What is really happening here? Is this story real or is it staged? What happened is real, but those who wish to gain something from the death of this young man have staged most of the rest. Those I speak of are not interested in finding out the truth, and they are not interested in the deceased or his family, they are only interested in themselves and in gaining an audience.


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