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Monday, February 06, 2012

Why Romney Is Winning

Princeton, New Jersey (CNN) -- With his victories in Florida and Nevada, Mitt Romney has re-emerged at the front of the GOP pack.

Given the primary and caucus schedule for the rest of February, it will be extremely difficult for Newt Gingrich to regain the momentum that he had after South Carolina. Romney finds himself in a strong position to win the nomination.

Although there have been countless stories in the past few months about the latest "Anyone But Romney" candidate who was going to steal the crown from him, the former Massachusetts governor is still standing.



Anonymous said...

45 more primaries/caucuses to go...what difference?

Anonymous said...

CNN like the rest of the liberal media is doing the GOP establishments bidding. Don't annihilate the independent voter.

I say to members of the Republican Party don't let the GOP establishments and the liberal media select your candidate for you.

Mitt Romney is Obama lite. Same thing, just not as heavy handed.

It is my opinion that Romney will lose to Obama, why vote for the imitation when you can vote for the real thing.

Past imitations that lost to the Democrat candidates:
Bob Dole
John McCain

Sand Box John

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul for President.