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Monday, February 06, 2012

Walmart Whistleblowers Stand Up To Retaliation

Unseen but ever present, behind the well-stocked shelves of Walmarts around the country are warehouse workers. This labor force is primarily employed by contracting firms that underpay workers and fire them summarily, according to advocates, but a group of 60 former employees at a Walmart warehouse in the Chicago suburbs are holding these contractors accountable for what they say are numerous labor violations.

The workers allege that, after they filed a complaint in November 2011 calling for lost wages from their temp employer, Eclipse, they were dismissed without notice when Schnieder Logistics, the company that operates the Walmart warehouse in Elmwood, Illinois, canceled their temp agency's contract.



Anonymous said...

I guess these idiots don't understand the concept of "Temp" worker.
They don't even work for Walmart, so why is Walmart in the headline?

Anonymous said...

Wal-Mart will tell your straight up where and to whom to file any complaint and laugh in the same breath about how they have any entire legal division for just that
good luck