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Monday, February 06, 2012

Inlet parking rates will not change, other parking rates might

By Lockerz(Feb. 3, 2012) The Ocean City Council appears torn on whether to fund $41 million in roadway improvements by charging more for existing parking meters or by adding new ones.

...The options McGean presented for new parking meter spaces included three lists. The first list option included what he termed the “Boardwalk spaces,” in the downtown areas south of 27th Street. The second group was the ocean block streets north of 27th Street, which could result in conflicts with adjacent property owners if new meters were added in those areas. The third group, dubbed “bayside business” by McGean, consisted mainly of locations west of Philadelphia Avenue or Coastal Highway that are zoned commercial or mixed use and have commercial developments nearby.

Please attend the Council Meeting on Monday night (Feb 6th) at 6pm. Joe Groves will be presenting an idea that will replace the Council's idea for parking meters and it will work. They (not all of them) want meters throughout town both oceanside and bayside from the 10th Street - 146th Street. In addition to the additional meters, they want to raise the fee from $1.00 an hour to $1.50 an hour. Please attend. Its the only way to defeat this! We have to show in numbers that this is a horrible idea for our town. See you on Monday Night!



Anonymous said...

Joe, I know your time is limited. But have you read the comments that Councilman Joe Hall made about tourists on the Citizens for Ocean City Facebook page? The guy really put his foot in his mouth. Also it was reported at last week's work session how this current Council Majority (Jim Hall, Joe Hall, Margaret Pillas, and Brent Ashley) cost the taxpayers and additional $600,000 this year by closing out the emploiyee's Pension plan. This new expense will continue to be felt for at least 10 years costing today's taxpayer millions.

Anonymous said...

There is a large federal drug buts comming to OC. In excess of 30 individuals for distributing oxy.

Anonymous said...

Hey 9:26 that is old news. Most all have been arrested and are in jail on bond. This was not a federal investigation, but a local one done very well!