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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Anne Arundel Sheriff: Link Tax Refunds To Warrants

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) - Anne Arundel County residents who have outstanding arrest warrants would see their state tax refunds withheld if the county's sheriff gets his wish.
Sheriff Ronald S. Bateman has asked the county's legislative delegation to support his proposal. The Capital of Annapolis newspaper reports that the legislation would make Anne Arundel the first Maryland jurisdiction where people with an outstanding arrest warrant could not receive a state tax refund until it's cleared up.
Bateman said withholding the refunds would encourage people facing warrants for minor crimes to clear them up.
The county has about 8,000 outstanding arrest warrants. About half are for people who live outside the county. They would not be covered.
The county delegation has not voted on whether to work for the bill's passage.


lmclain said...

Is he actually saying that the government KNOWS the address of the people with outstanding warrants, but the sheriff can't (or won't) find them?? Perhaps he should have thought about that statement. Perhaps he could take some of men off the highways, writing seat belt violations and "agressive driving" tickets for chnaging lanes without a trun signal and pursue some REAL crime. He is not only stupid, he's lazy, too. Of, course, one must understand that apprehending REAL criminals doesn't generate the money they NEED. So the REAL criminals go about their daily lives, often committing MORE crimes, while Joe Middle-Class runs a guantlet of radar, checkpoints, rolling roadblocks, and airborne traffic enforcement. Like I've said, cops (ALL government officials, for that matter) don't give a damn for your "safety". They ain't losing any sleep at night because I wasn't wearing my seat belt. They want my (and yours) MONEY. MONEY. MONEY.

Anonymous said...

That's right, hold somebody's money they EARNED and are to get back. BAD idea!

Just link them to the MVA records and they can't get tags for ANY vehicle, they can't renew their licenses, etc. Much better way!