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Friday, November 18, 2011

Medical Pot Could Be Coming To A Dispensary Near You

WASHINGTON -- They're lining up to grow and sell pot in the nation's capital.

The District's Department of Health has received 17 applications to sell medical marijuana. The deadline for applicants was Tuesday at noon. The city will only award up to five licenses for medical marijuana dispensaries.

In addition to the five retail sites in D.C., there will be up to 10 cultivation sites where the marijuana will be grown. Twenty-eight applicants are vying for those permits. Applications are due Sept. 16.



Anonymous said...

feds will have nothing to do with it the dispensaries will be closed before they open

Anonymous said...

If they just closed the ones in Cali., why are they allowing others to apply there? Just for the non-refundable 2,500?

Anonymous said...

DC also has no representation in congress. The money will continue to go to the Mexican cartels. Maybe we'll go to war with them next.