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Friday, November 04, 2011

Beads of Courage Event


Anonymous said...

This is possibly one of the most worthwhile events I have read about in a long time. Those individuals participating and contributing to this program should be commended. I truly hope that those attending have an incredible time and also hope they realize how much this means to the children who are affected by such terrible afflictions. Their courage and unfailing strength should be an example to us all.

Steven Rumney said...

Everyone is invited to this event! We are hoping to raise support for two wonderful organizations: The Beads of Courage and Johns Hopkins Department of Pediatric Oncology. Pediatric oncology services are not provided locally so all of our local children with cancer need to travel for treatment. Most go to Hopkins where they receive truly compassionate and world-class medical care. The Beads of Courage is a wonderful program set up 8 years ago in AZ by Jean Baruch that is now established in over 90 hospitals. In the program beads are used to signify specific medical treatment milestones and therefore the colorful necklaces and bracelets of the child signify their own unique medical journey. Please come out and support this event and these two great organizations!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Wayne Bailey II!!! We miss you!