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Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Gangs Of Wicomico County

While Chief Webster and Mayor Tilghman refused to participate in this meeting about Gangs and were the last to admit Salisbury did in fact have Gangs in the City, these photos show not only some of the Gang Members, it shows the stats right from the States Attorneys Office.

If policing doesn't go up another notch, Wicomico County and the City of Salisbury will continue to rise in crime rates and it is very important to know these Gangs start right at home. IF you do not take hold of your children and discipline them they're likely to fall victim of one of these Gangs.

That's OK though. As long as The Daily Times keeps this out of the Press Room and out of print, who will ever know, right? At least they're touching on it little by little. Remember those commercials back in the late 70's, IT'S 10:00, DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR CHILDREN ARE?


Anonymous said...

Didn't chiefy say we don't have gangs in Salisbury!

salisbury firefighter said...

Those gangs are nothing more than your nigger buddies Joe!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to some heads work from our states attorney and local law enforcement this gang was busted!!

Anonymous said...

Joe, your blog has shed light on gang conduct at James M. Bennett Sr. High. The administration has tried to be vigilant in its efforts to protect students and staff. Now they have been told that the total of suspensions for this year is too high and from now on profanity will not be a suspendable offense and serious violence that would have been a given a 10-day suspension will merit only 5. Why are the statistics more important than safety? Lower suspension numbers don't mean students are behaving better; they mean the system is tolerating outrageous conduct. When the thugs are suspended, it might not help them, but the other kids can get an education. The thugs don't come to learn anyway so there's no real difference in how much education they get whether they're there or not. Suspend as warranted and let everyone see what schools are dealing with.

Anonymous said...

How about:
It's 10 o'clock...Do you know where your PARENTS are?

4thBatt Gang Sign said...

No Whitey's in the picture. Looks like racial discrimination to me. Is it ok for them to say Honkey? Or even Cracker?