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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

US Prosecutors in DC Put Racial Politics Above Safety of Black Residents

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser last week unsuccessfully tried to shift the political blame to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the District of Columbia for the violence that she drew to the city in June by ordering the words “Black Lives Matter” painted on a city street. Her stunt failed when the U.S. attorney rebutted her claims with facts, as we pointed out here.

Now, 32 black assistant U.S. attorneys in the District’s U.S. Attorney’s Office have banded together to write a strange, 10-page policy memo to their boss—who happens to be white and a Trump appointee—that they say is meant to address “internal and external racial disparities” of the office and to “repair the relationship between the [office] and the community.”



Anonymous said...

This was an internal memo meant for the boss, not leaked to the public by the author who drew the short straw.

Anonymous said...

Democrats have done this nationally since the party formed.

Anonymous said...

What we are witnessing is the reaping of what's been sown for decades of mass indoctrination by public education.... marxist public education

Bob Aswell ....Realist said...

What should happen is a general house cleaning in the DOJ. Tell them either shut up and do their damn job and stop trying to dictate policy, or find somewhere else to sit on their asses and call it working.
I'm so damn tired of hearing government 'EMPLOYEES'saying this is how it should be to cater to radical blacks. Let them shiftless bastards go to ACLU offices and see if their lives have the same quality and benefits. I notice most ACLU lawyers wear shiny suits and drive used cars. Barr should introduce these malcontents to that life or become an ambulance chaser. They've had it too good for too long on the taxpayer dime.
It's got to the point Federal employees think they're 'elected'.

Anonymous said...

So much for transparency in our nation.

Recent Woodward tapes, voice recordings (Billy Bush), in house memo's/emails.

Geez what have we really become as a nation? No more United States.

Sad indeed.