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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Reopening indoor dining at 25% capacity ‘just doesn’t work’: New Jersey Business & Industry Association president

As New York City restaurants gear up to reopen indoor dining at a quarter capacity, New Jersey Business & Industry Association President Michelle Siekerka said the coronavirus-induced limitations have proven to not be enough.

“It just doesn’t work,” she told Fox News’ “Your World with Neil Cavuto.” “Many restaurants remain closed because they didn’t have large capacity to begin with. And then complying with an executive order that limited them to 25% would be a money-losing proposition.”

Siekerka said New Jersey’s $18.2 billion restaurant industry provides more than 228,000 jobs. But only 23% of employees out of the 87% laid off in March have returned to work, which she pinned as a “huge struggle” for the industry.



Anonymous said...

When trump wins and the demcrats start the civil war. This will all be fixed.

Anonymous said...

Ya it is real hard to cover the payments to the neighborhood enforcers for protection.

Anonymous said...

Ah yea
I could of told you that
No way it could possibly work

Anonymous said...

Tough crap, any other time you'd shout Capitalism! Supply and demand! Lace up your bootstraps!

Anonymous said...

The effects here are on the shore 25% some 50% with space capability still hurts. Vacation season is the next 6-7 months will be very interesting for sustainment or final closure.

Gonna be a very very long off season.