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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Killer coronavirus outbreak is 'just getting started' outside of China and will strike EVERY country on the planet, warns infectious diseases expert

Every country in the world can expect to have cases of coronavirus because the epidemic is 'only just getting started' outside of China, an experts has warned.

Chinese health bosses claim the disease may be completely eradicated by April, after the country reported its lowest number of new cases in nearly two weeks.

But a World Health Organization (WHO) official has said while the epidemic may be reaching its peak in China, it would continue to get worse for the rest of the world.

Dale Fisher, chair of the Global Outbreak Alert Response Network at the WHO, said: 'It has spread to other places where it's the beginning of the outbreak. In Singapore, we are at the beginning of the outbreak. I'd be pretty confident though that eventually every country will have a case.' 



Anonymous said...

Flipping channels yesterday and came across the infamous Jim Baker predicting that this virus will be of biblical proportions killing 1.9 billion worldwide. Then in the next breath tried selling survival products for the onslaught. It's a damn shame the televangelist are already trying to cash in on this tragedy

Anonymous said...

Man Made...

Anonymous said...

Come back and read this comment in a year when the Corona virus scare is as laughable as the Y2K bug. Anything to keep the people distracted from real threats and to sell you on the idea that you need big government protecting you.

Anonymous said...

well if you get it, go to every sh1thole liberal city in america and cough on every liberals computer and door knob!

Anonymous said...

Play some Plague Evolved. A disease discovered this early has no chance to eradicate mankind before it's cured and/or contained.