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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Pennsylvania police called after kindergartner with Down syndrome makes gun sign, tells teacher: 'I shoot you'

A Pennsylvania elementary school called the police after a kindergartner with Down syndrome pointed her finger like a gun and said she was going to shoot her teacher, the child’s mother claims.

The 6-year-old at the Valley Forge Elementary School in Tredyffrin, located about 20 miles outside of Philadelphia, allegedly pointed her finger like a gun at her teacher in November, telling her, “I shoot you.”

The teacher brought the child to the principal’s office. Under school policy, the principal began a “threat assessment.” After asking the girl a series of questions, the assessment determined she made a “transient” threat, meaning she expressed anger but did not mean to harm anyone. The school did not pursue disciplinary action but did report the incident to the police department.


Anonymous said...

33 lashes with a wet noodle

Anonymous said...

Guns on every channel on TV, guns in every video game and in a country where guns are protected by our most sacred founding documents but if you are a school age child and say the word "gun" or the word "shoot" or if extend your index finger and thumb simultaneously you will be immediately assumed to be a psychotic mass murderer.
Then you read about a real mass shooting where the kid has had years worth of bizarre behavior go unpunished and the kids all say when they heard the shots they knew who it was before they even saw them.
It feels like they use the kids who aren't a threat to build fear and then allow the ones who are a threat to do something horrific so they can use it to further their agenda.

Anonymous said...

Kindergarten,give me a break.

Anonymous said...

All the kids in my town when I grew up should be in jail now
due to the fact we all played "cops & robbers & cowboys and Indians"
But almost all of us survived and are in our 80's now.
My on finger must have shot at least of my buddies.

Lets all grow up!!!

Anonymous said...

Kindergarten Cop

Anonymous said...

Northwest Woodsman: Snow Hill, circa 1952, and we all had Red Rider lever action or Daisy pump BB rifles with us constantly. There was no general panic in town when we were seen toting them around shooting cans, etc. I don’t recall anyone injured or even threatened by one of us rifle toting kids although I got into trouble for shooting holes in someone’s laundry that was hanging on a clothesline at corner of Church and Martin streets! I agree with 1:56 totally. There can be no doubt that violent video games have desensitized kids who in my era would have been outside with their BB guns. Instead, they watch and play very realistic video games, happily blowing characters away with no mess to clean up. My son in law is a high level executive of one of the largest video game companies and I have found that it is a billion dollar industry that continues to grow by encouragement of high levels of violence. He demonstrated a “game” that he said was ten years in development and the graphics of people being shot (mostly head shots) was truly disturbing.