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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Critics Try to Stop Peace Corps' Exit in China

Critics of ending the Peace Corps program in China are trying to reverse the decision, arguing that the already tense ties with Beijing means an organization whose main mission is to promote international peace and friendship should continue, The Hill reported on Wednesday.

The recent decision “was made at a very high level without consulting what seems like appropriate staff,” a source told The Hill, indicating it was political appointees who did so. “It just doesn’t fit with Peace Corps’ mission. It wasn’t handled to the standard that I think the agency normally holds for auditing and closing a program. It happened really quick without taking into account factors that would normally be taken into account.”

Although some have cited the fact that China is a developed country and therefore should not have a Peace Corps mission there, Democrat Rep. John Garamendi said “I’ve yet to find a reason that justifies pulling out."


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Anonymous said...

If we are ever going to get out-of-control spending reduced, we have to start somewhere.

Do we REALLY need the Peace Corps in China?

I'd say more like the Marine Corps. That would be money well spent.