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Monday, November 25, 2019

Democrat Cindy Axne: ‘I Didn’t Run’ to ‘Impeach the President’

Freshman swing-district Democrat Rep. Cindy Axne (D-IA) said Saturday that she “did not run” to “impeach” President Donald Trump despite her backing of the impeachment inquiry.

One Iowa constituent asked whether Rep. Axne had voted for impeachment in a recent vote to formalize the rules and procedures surrounding the impeachment inquiry. Rep. Axne was one of 230 Democrats that voted for that resolution that would advance the impeachment inquiry against President Trump.

Rep. Axne said, “No, no.”

Another constituent asked the Democrat representative whether she backs the impeachment inquiry against President Trump.

Rep. Axne replied, “What I’m for is doing the hard work for the people of this district. I didn’t run for this seat to impeach the president. Go back and check my 18 months of running for this office; there is nothing in there about that.”



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Anonymous said...

Bye, bye, bitch. Lie right to your face when there's proof. Pathetic. But so are the ones who voted for her.

Anonymous said...

Look Look her lips are moving. Democrats speak they lie

Anonymous said...

They start lying as it gets closer to Election Day.