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Saturday, May 04, 2019

'BIGGER THAN WATERGATE': Trump Mocks New York Times For 'Finally' Reporting On FBI 'Spying' Into His Campaign

President Trump on Friday dinged The New York Times for "finally" reporting that the FBI sent a "spy" to meet with a member of his 2016 campaign staff to see if the campaign was working with Russia.

"Finally, Mainstream Media is getting involved — too 'hot' to avoid. Pulitzer Prize anyone? The New York Times, on front page (finally), 'Details effort to spy on Trump Campaign.' @foxandfriends This is bigger than WATERGATE, but the reverse!" Trump wrote on Twitter.

Trump's tweet followed the publication on the Times' front page of a story headlined "F.B.I. Sent Investigator Posing as Assistant to Meet With Trump Aide in 2016." The story said in September 2016, the Federal Bureau of Investigation dispatched a woman to meet with then-Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos to gather information on allegations that the Trump campaign was colluding with Russia to alter the outcome of the presidential election.



Anonymous said...

Help me out folks; in September 2016 who was:
FBI Director?
Attorney General?
CIA Director?
Secretary of State?

What did they know, and when did they know it?

Anonymous said...

FBI Director - James Comey - Appointed by Obama
Attorney General - Loretta Lynch - Appointed by Obama
CIA Director - John Brennen - Appointed by Obama
Secretary Of State - John Kerry - Appointed by Obama
Vice President - Biden
President - Obama

Anonymous said...

That’s right all roads lead to Obama. Where are all you lefty’s who frequent this site? Any comments? Funny never a peep out of any of you unless the article is about Trump. Hypocrites..all of you.