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Saturday, May 04, 2019

Shocking video of children in Philadelphia Muslim Society: 'We will chop off their heads' for Allah

Disturbing footage of Muslim kids saying they would sacrifice themselves and kill for the "army of Allah" surfaced from an Islamic center in Philadelphia.

The Muslim American Society (MAS) Islamic Center in Philadelphia posted the video to its Facebook page celebrating "Ummah Day" in which young children wearing Palestinian scarves sang and read poetry about killing for Allah and the mosque in Jerusalem.

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), a watchdog group, alerted Fox News to the video.

"These are not isolated incidents; they are happening in major centers of the country – including in Pennsylvania," MEMRI said in a statement.



Anonymous said...

Yup and the fn FBI BETTER BE ON IT.

Anonymous said...

Folks better be ready to protect themselves. Police are not capable of protecting us from terrorists

Anonymous said...

too late....Obama made sure this would be entrenched in America.

Anonymous said...

This is ALL OVER Omar and Talibs area they are MUSLIM INFILTRATERS.

KaYaKr said...

Oh No, it's the President that's our problem, right? Comey has taken the FBI (and the Country) on a 2-year ghost hunt.

Anonymous said...

Is it a religion, or a death cult?

Anonymous said...


It is NOT a religion and it shouldn't be hiding behind the 1st amendment.
It should be eradicated from this country!

Anonymous said...

look people face it this inflitration is on purpose

Islam, as a religious system, is entirely of Satanic origin. The Devil is behind every aspect of it. It is a "monotheistic" form of the ancient moon worship that Abraham left in Iraq 2000 BC, but which his descendents through Ishmael have continued. When Muslims circle the Kabah en mass, the Devil is the true object of their worship. The Bible teaches that the Devil and demons use religions like Islam in order to be worshipped by man as God. "the Gentiles sacrifice things to demons and not to God" 1 Cor 10:20; 2 Chron 18:21-22; Acts 17:16-23; Lev 17:7 ; Deut 32:17; Ps 106:37; Rev 9:20; Rev 16:13-14; Rev 18:2; 1 Ti 4:1-2; Gal 1:8. That Islam is clearly of satanic origin is seen in how vicious the theological and physical attacks are against Christians or anyone who believes that Christ was crucified at all, or that Christ is God's Son. Islam to pagan Arabs is an excellent satanic counterfeit that has influenced 1/4 of the earth's population. Islam is certainly the Devil's greatest challenge against the one true God and and Savior

Anonymous said...

the infiltrators. they have help right here! right in front of our eyes

Freemasonry, The Shriners and Their Islamic Assyrian Origin

The Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, abbreviated A.A.O.N.M.S., commonly known as "the Shriners" is a islamic organization founded in Mecca, Saudi Arabia in 644 A.D. by the family of Muhammad. It is an organization of Freemasonry. Freemasonry originates from ancient Assyria. Members of the Shriners are called "Mohammedans". A "Shrine" is a tomb of a muslim that is worshipped by other muslims. Perhaps because he was a martyr for the islamic cause. The Alawi sect of Bashar Assad does not believe in mosques. Therefore they lift up the shrines as being the most holy buildings of islam. A Shriner is therefore a person who honors the holy buildings of Assad's Alawi sect of islam. The organization is best-known for the Shriners Hospitals for Children they administer & the red fezzes that members wear. There are at least 350,000 members from 191 islamic temples (charters) in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Republic of Panama & Europe. To join the Shiners or any other organization of Freemasonry, you must swear alliance to Allah (the islamic moon god) & you must do so on the Koran which says that Christians & Jews must be killed. The Shiners symbols on their cars/trucks include the islamic sword in the shape of a crescent moon with a star which are very clearly islamic symbols. Another symbol on their vehicles is the "Eastern Star" which is the symbol of the satanic goat god called by different names such as "Pan, Yah, Baphomet, Allah, Mendez". You can very clearly see that it's the same symbol of a 2 horned star worn by admitted satanists. 
The Shriners & other Freemasons believe in ALL religions as a path to Allah. So although they may at first embrace anyone of any religion, they will always ultimately point that person to Allah & to islam. They place a great deal of importance on secret knowledge which they refuse to share with the little people of the world. They believe that only "the better", more intelligent people have a right to the truth. There are a LOT of Baptist preachers who are Freemasons & Shriners. Many members do not reveal that they are secretly Freemasons. They swear allegiance to help all other Freemasons over and above non-members even if it's not the right thing to do. For example, a judge in a courtroom is required to give the favor in the verdict to the fellow Freemason even if that Freemason has committed a crime. The only exception is in a murder trial, but I believe that many Freemasons would give that special favor even in that case.
Shriners are taught that Lucifer is the true God and is not evil. They are therefore Luciferians, a class of satanist. Their symbols are the same as the Church of Satan. The first 94 Pages of the Freemason bible are quotes from Albert Pike. All Masons are encouraged to read the writings of Albert Pike. He was a Luciferian & said "Lucifer is the True god of Good and Light".

Unknown said...

Mooselimbs have been given the keys to our kingdom. They are in our gov't, schools, courts, police depts, you name it. And don't forget their training camps in this country. 22 of them at the last count if I remember correctly.

I don't want to hear that claim of "they are not all bad." Even if there are some "good" ones, they are irrelevant. There were some "good" Germans too but were led by the Nazis. The "good" Germans were irrelevant. The same goes for all the other people's who were led by the "bad" ones while they murdered millions.

They are our enemy plain and simple. They teach their children from a very young age to hate, to kill, to carry weapons, etc. And now they are teaching OUR children the same things.

They shout Islamophobia to shut people up so they can continue with their plans. Their Imans and others have publicly stated via videos what their intentions are yet some Americans, the media, politicians, refuse to report on it or take appropriate actions to combat it.

Some Americans are in cahoots with them, thinking they will be spared but they will just be eaten last.

More of us need to wake up, wise up and take actions to defeat them before it is too late. This is a very real threat and ignore those that suggest this is a "tin-foil hat" conspiracy theory and similar denials.