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Saturday, May 04, 2019

The Worm Has Turned on the Democrats

The Democrats and their media colluders are belching last gasps of impotent protest as their dreams of interfering with the 2016 presidential election come to a screeching halt.

Through forlorn partisan lenses, they have watched the Mueller report, their joyride vehicle on the glorious highway to impeachment, spring four flat tires, all because of nails they placed on the road themselves.

As we watch the mainstream media grow hysterically strident, and the insolent Senate Democrats lash out at Attorney General William Barr for refusing to validate their malicious witch hunt, we realize we are witnessing their gobsmacked reaction to justice served cold.



Anonymous said...

All of which means more lying, insulting and whining are being constructed as we speak.

Anonymous said...

The Democrats are whining, crying, gnashing of teeth and throwing ashes in the air over the death of the Russian Collusion theory as all their "proofs" and theorems come up false!!

Anonymous said...

Watching a slow death
Please continue democrats please