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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Study: Men with beards carry more germs than dogs do

(KUTV) — Beards may be totally "in," but they are also dirty, and hazardous to human health according to a study.

Scientists discovered men with beards have more germs in their hairs than dogs carry in their fur.

A new study found that every sample of beard hair collected was crawling with bacteria. Nearly half had bugs and bacteria considered hazardous to human health, the Daily Mail reports. The dogs tested had lower levels of microbes, a bacterium that causes disease.

Scientists initially wanted determine if humans could pick up a dog-borne disease from an MRI scan that was also used for examinations by veterinarians. Researchers took swabs from beards of 18 men, ages 18 to 76, and the necks of 30 dogs.



Anonymous said...

How is a dog's neck analogous to a man's face?

Anonymous said...

No doubt, beards are nasty and nasty looking.

Anonymous said...

beards look sooo stupid and lazy.
AND dirty! 🐜

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with 10:12. If the sample was taken from the man's neck, OK but chin hairs are bound to catch food, saliva, and drink.

Anonymous said...

7:38 oh you mean like how women are lazy to only shave their legs of what will show but leave the rest of the leg with hair????? You mean that kind of lazy??? Take your feminist ass somewhere else and spew your hatred, I hear a Muslim country loves feminists...

Anonymous said...

Again you idiots amaze me. I probably put more time and date just into my beard than you do your whole body.

Anonymous said...

I note they only check beards. 18 men. On the street. They do not say. If homeless no doubt this would occur.

Not the long hair of women either. I am rather sure their hair would be worse. Or the hair on wigs worn by women.

Seems like a very biased article.

Fake News.

Anonymous said...

It's true some unkept beads are gross. A nice "Manicured" beard can be sexy. My opinion I don't like pony tails on a grown man. Now that's lazy.