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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Oklahoma grandfather who claims a drug for DOGS cured him of cancer is tumor-free

In January 2017, Joe Tippens was certain that he would die of small cell lung cancer.

But then a veterinarian suggested he try something unconventional, to say the least: a drug for dogs.

The medication, fenbendazole, is an anti-worm compound used to treat hookworms, roundworms and other gut parasites in animals, primarily dogs.

In recent years, studies suggesting anti-worm drugs might have cancer-fighting properties have been cropping up in a growing number of journals.

It's far from a proven treatment, but with three months to live and nothing to lose, Joe decided to take a chance on it.



Anonymous said...

the cancer lobby aint gonna like that. to much money to be lost!

Anonymous said...

Yes, but now he lifts his leg to pee.

Anonymous said...

And like Creepy Uncle Joe he sniffs all the women he meets
and not their hair —if you know what I mean!



good one

made me laugh