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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

City Council Considering Measures To Remove Mayors From Office

Amid the Mayor Catherine Pugh "Healthy Holly" book scandal, the Baltimore City Council is considering four bills that could limit the powers of future mayors, including giving the council power to remove a sitting mayor.

The current charter only allows a sitting mayor of Baltimore to be removed after being charged and convicted of a crime.

At Monday night's regular City Council meeting, members presented several changes to the city's charter to reduce the number of votes needed for a veto override, measures to allow council members more say in the budgeting process and give the council power to remove a sitting mayor from office.



Anonymous said...

Just WHO put Pugh into office -- Cummings. The cards are falling as part of the effort to protect HIM. Nothing more, nothing less.

It's nothing more than Trump payback! He appears to be very effective.

Anonymous said...

Pass the removal bill and have the Acting Mayor sign it. Not rocket science except in Charm City.

Anonymous said...

They can't charge and convict her, if they can't find her. However, her direct deposit pay will continue until her term expires. Heck, those Baltimore Democrats might re-elect her in absentia. Illinois re-elected Jesse Jackson Jr while he was out of sight during the whole campaign, and was only removed from office when he went to jail. The rules are different for black politicians in black districts. They don't care if their politicians are criminals.