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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Antifa Threatens Candace Owens Event

Antifa members and their sympathizers are reportedly planning to “shut down” Monday’s College Republicans event at the University of Pennsylvania, where Turning Point USA communications director Candace Owens will be speaking.

Several tweets were recently made threatening Monday’s event at the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) Candace Owens — one tweet coming from Philadelphia’s Antifa group, according to a report by The UPenn Statesman, the school’s independent student newspaper that is co-hosting the event with the College Republicans group.

The Philadelphia Antifa group had harassed Charlie Kirk and Owens out of a breakfast establishment last August — an incident that Owens had noted during last week’s Congressional hearing on hate crimes and white nationalism.

“If [Democrats] actually were concerned about white nationalism, they would be holding hearings on Antifa, a far-left, violent, white gang, who determined one day in Philadelphia in August that I, a black woman, was not fit to sit in a restaurant,” said Owens.

“They chased me out, they yelled ‘race traitor’ to a group of black and Hispanic police officers who formed a line to protect me from their ongoing assaults,” added Owens, “They threw water at me, they threw eggs at me, and the leftist media remained silent on it.”

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Anonymous said...

With the left, there is no freedom of speech.

Anonymous said...

What the Left sees as freedom is actually slavery.

Anonymous said...

Simple solution to this problem. Rubber bullets and tasers. Problem solved!!

Anonymous said...

Leftwing white national s

Anonymous said...

I hope patriots there show up for her.

Anonymous said...

Antifa. How much is Georg paying these days?