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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

No, Really, Why Did Lori Loughlin Plead Not Guilty?

I have a half-assed guess to explain this morning’s news but as always legal eagles are invited to correct me.

One theory being kicked around is that Loughlin and her husband actually believe they can win at trial.

A legal expert offered a third reason Loughlin and her husband have chosen to fight the charges, instead of taking plea deals like the other parents. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, defense attorney Lara Yeretsian suggested that the case against some of the parents may not be the slam-dunk people assume.

“Most of them could make a good case that they were entrapped,” Yeretsian said.

The focus of such a defense would be on William “Rick” Singer, the college admissions consultant who pleaded guilty to multiple charges involved in different bribery schemes he used to get the children of wealthy parents into well-known U.S. colleges.



Anonymous said...

"No, Really, Why Did Lori Loughlin Plead Not Guilty?"

Answer: Because arrogant elitist liberals think that they can do no wrong.

Anonymous said...

They live in their own little privileged world anyway, so I'm sure she thought it was just going to go away somehow. Now the crap has hit the fan, and she's probably thinking, oh $hit this is really happening to me. Geez.

Anonymous said...

Cause she is an arrogant ass & she will Pay by getting
more TIME when found GUILTY !!!!

No remorse , smiling , signing autographs , smerking !!!!

Anonymous said...

Her Arrogant self just made a Big Mistake , now she gets
More Time, when found GUILTY !!!! Love it !!!!

FBI has the Proof , so she is a FOOL !!! Guilty as Hell !!!!

Anonymous said...

Entrapment theory won't fly. Parents willingly sought and accepted the 'arrangements' knowing all the while it was outside the boundaries.

There was a lot of evidence gathered before the arrests were made. Those going to trial will find that 1/2 million bribes were cheap compared to legal expenses associated with being found guilty.

Anonymous said...

She is most likely a democrat.

Democrat = Inoccent No Matter What

Anonymous said...

She'll walk.

Anonymous said...

Her lawyer(s) have convinced her (in order for them to collect large legal fees) that she can get off with the crimes, if she pleads not guilty and goes to trial. She should look at the cases of Leona Hensley and Marthe Stewart, if she thinks her money will keep her out of jail. After spending a million dollars to get her daughters into USC, all she's doing now is making her lawyers very rich, on her way to prison. She might have some kind of TV talent, but in typical Hollywood style, she is not a very intelligent person. She too must have cheated, to get into college. Dumb, good looking woman, and Hollywood makes her a millionaire. Go figure.