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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Frederick man charged with knowingly transmitting HIV to women he met online

FREDERICK, Md. (ABC7) — Frederick Police have charged a man with knowingly transmitting HIV to women he met on dating websites.

Police arrested 34-year-old Rudolph Jericho Smith of Frederick, Maryland on April 15 after evidence obtained during a 21-month long investigation.

The investigation started based on allegations that Smith was actively having sexual relations with multiple females knowing that he was HIV positive.

Detective Dewees of Frederick Police identified and contacted several victims, and authored and received several search and seizure warrants.



Anonymous said...

The let this guy continue doing this for 21 months????????!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What an A$$ this guy is.

Anonymous said...

Assault with intent to injure.

Anonymous said...

Which means he's been a drug user or bisexual. LOVELY. How can women be so stupid ?

Anonymous said...

No longer a crime in California.

Anonymous said...

Man this world is becoming a scary place

Anonymous said...

@12:04 are you serious?? You ARE aware that HIV is/can be transmitted through heterosexuals too right