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Friday, February 08, 2019

These Marines were falsely accused of war crimes. Twelve years later, they have vindication.

A Marine veteran who fought the Pentagon for 12 years over a war-crimes case brought against him and six others will have his permanent record wiped clean, an extraordinary affirmation of his claim that their reputations were destroyed by the military’s effort to imprison the men.

The Marines were members of an elite commando force expelled from Afghanistan in 2007 amid unproven allegations that they massacred innocent bystanders in the frantic minutes following an ambush. They were cleared of wrongdoing more than a year later, after the case was heard by a military court, but have maintained that senior leaders did little to set the record straight and, consequently, fostered the stigma that has dogged them ever since.

A report approved in January by the Navy Department is a major victory for retired Maj. Fred Galvin, the Marines’ commanding officer. Its conclusions, he says, are a rebuke of those who condemned his men before the facts were clear, the investigator whose work was shown in court to be sloppy and the generals who refused Galvin’s pleas for public absolution.



Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The US Military is an evil organization.
Stop joining this vile military.
Stop murdering on behalf of corporations and their profits.

Anonymous said...

It's not the U.S. military, it's the U.S. military leaders

Anonymous said...

What sort of distinction are you identifying?
The military is its leaders.
How do you think they became the “leaders”?

Stop worshipping murder.
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War is evil. Period.
Those who profit from it are financing the political campaigns.

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Anonymous said...

Ever wonder why members of Congress and Senate never send THEIR sons and daughters to war? Even the rich can buy their way out of it. We are nothing but cannon fodder to them. Should be a law that before they send OUR sons and daughters, theirs go first. I bet there will be far less wars.

Anonymous said...

The only thing your enemy will understand is when you treat them the same way they treat you.