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Friday, February 08, 2019

Lawyers for Catholic Student Nick Sandmann Prepare to Sue for Libel

Lawyers representing Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann have announced the preparation of letters to be sent to various celebrities, media outlets, and individual journalists who immediately and falsely slandered Sandmann and his classmates for “taunting” a Native American during a trip to Washington D.C.

The student’s lawyers are preparing letters for possible libel and defamation lawsuits, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported.

The list of recipients of the warning letters includes actress Alyssa Milano and Senator Elizabeth Warren. Targeted journalists include Maggie Haberman, David Brooks, and media outlets will include TMZ, CNN, and the New York Times. The attorneys have also identified the dioceses of Covington, Lexington, Louisville, and Baltimore as potential recipients of the letter.



Anonymous said...

Good news. It's about time we fight back to the dishonest media and nasty celebrities. I hope that young man ends up with enough to pay his college.

Anonymous said...

Dave T: Delighted to hear this, it's time to hold people accountable!

Anonymous said...

Sue baby sue

Anonymous said...

Go for it! And make a lot of noise while you're doing it!