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Saturday, February 09, 2019

Nolte: Elizabeth Warren Is Still Lying About Her Indian Heritage

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and the establishment media are hoping to gaslight the American people into believing she has put her Cherokee scandal behind her with an “apology.”

But if you look past the smoke, the mirrors, the parsing and hair-splitting, Warren is still lying about her Indian heritage, still standing by her false claim to Native ancestry.

“I am also sorry for not being more mindful of this decades ago,” Warren told reporters this week. “Tribes and only tribes determine tribal citizenship.”

“This is what I grew up believing with my brothers, this is my family story,” she added.

On Tuesday, the far-left Washington Post published a desperate puff piece to save Warren’s flailing presidential campaign (and deliberately buried the most damaging news): “Elizabeth Warren apologizes for calling herself Native American,” the headline reads, but the headline is not true. Here is what she told the Post…

“I can’t go back,” Warren said. “But I am sorry for furthering confusion on tribal sovereignty and tribal citizenship and the harm that resulted.”

Speaking of her apology last week to a Cherokee tribal chief, Warren said: “I told him I was sorry for furthering confusion about tribal citizenship.”



Anonymous said...

She pushes the apology to the tribe, but doesn't apologize to the remaining U.S. citizens for decades of lying and gathering benefits to which she had no claim, i.e., stealing.

Anonymous said...

Liberal Democraps only know one thing - LYING

Anonymous said...

The same thing Barack Obama did with identifying himself as a foreign student. I would love to know the amount of financial aid he received for that declaration. That is fraud on a federal aid form punishable by fines and or imprisonment. This double standard is astonishing.

Anonymous said...

Never ends

Anonymous said...

Did she get free tuition because she told them she was an American Indian?

Anonymous said...

10:16 RIGHT ON. It was not a real apology just something to quiet the real tribe. She should have to pay any monies she received claiming an Indian heritage direct to the real tribe, she tried to connect with for political gain. This also should disqualify her in her run for the presidency and should remove her from her current post.

Anonymous said...

I want her to pay it back and DROP OUT.