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Friday, January 25, 2019

The End of Western Culture: Sweden Appoints Anti-Semitic Hippie Lunatic as Cultural Minister in New Government!

After months of negotiations, the Socialist Democrats have formed a coalition government together with the Green party.

The newly appointed Minister for Culture, Amanda Lind, has already proven to be controversial. Only hours after being appointed, she wrote on Instagram praising amongst others Mehmet Kaplan, calling him a “pioneer” and “hero”.

Mehmet Kaplan was formerly the Minister for Housing in Sweden, but was forced to resign after it was revealed he had connections to fascist and Islamist organisations. He has also compared Israel to the Nazis, something thatIsrael said was “nothing but anti-semitism”.

Unsurprisingly the new minister has already come out attacking right-wingers, saying that “nationalists and right-wing populists are a threat to free speech”

The new Minister for Culture has also been widely talked about on social media, with many pointing out her “hippie” style. Amanda Lind is a licensed psychologist and has studied herbal alternative medicine, acupuncture and Chinese medicine. She told Swedish website Yippie Härnösand that she is interested in roleplay and cartoons and that she looks at life in a “spiritual way”.

Hanif Bali, a popular politician from the centre-right Moderate party wrote on twitter after her appointment “I look forward to having a hippie as Minister for Culture…tons of weed at the department”



Anonymous said...

We should gift her a gilded good luck comb.

Anonymous said...

With the Muslims taking over the country. She won't last long unless she loves being gang raped.

Anonymous said...

That freak, I mean girl would get slammed here in the USA for "Cultural Apportion" with those "Dreadlocks.

Libs have been going after others wearing these here in America

Anonymous said...

They have gone crazy everywhere!

Anonymous said...

spent some time in sweden, what a messed up country, all the men are whipped. the women run the country as the men sit back and wait to be told what to do. Easy pickings for some barbaric invaders! the swedes deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Sweden appoints a hippie cultural minister and it’s “The End Of Western Civilization”? Get a hold of yourselves, gentlemen.

Anonymous said...

That crap piled on her head is nasty, just plain nasty.