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Friday, January 25, 2019

PELOSI'S ANGEL: Illegal Alien Sentenced to 401 Years in Prison For Kidnapping, Rape, Lewd Sex Acts Upon a Child Under the Age of 14!

Visalia, California – 39-year-old Macario Cerda is an illegal alien who was sentenced to 401 years-to-life in prison for numerous violent sex crimes.

Cerda terrorized the family of the woman he was in a relationship with. He raped the woman’s two minor daughters; one of the rapes even resulted in a pregnancy and birth of a child.

Cerda was convicted by a jury of crimes against two victims consisting of three counts of forcible rape, one count of kidnapping to commit rape, one count of criminal threats and seven counts of lewd acts upon a child under the age of 14, according to a press release by Tulare County District Attorney Tim Ward.



Anonymous said...

Put her in the cell with him !!!! LOL LOL

Anonymous said...

It's California,he'll be out in 10 years or less.

Anonymous said...

No, make her take him home and cuddle with him.

Anonymous said...

In a few years the then Gov. of Mexifornia will pardon him and give him a few grand for each year he was in prison.

Anonymous said...

He might serve 90 days.