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Friday, January 25, 2019

David Horowitz: 'White Privilege' Is a Racist Idea

Across the country, re-education sessions are routinely held in businesses, professional offices, medical schools, universities, and even kindergartens. Their purpose is to teach the un-woke about the evils of “white privilege,” and make white people who participate uncomfortable about their skin color.

Whites are to own up to the fact that regardless of their intentions, beliefs, behaviors or status in life, they are elite participants in a racist system that oppresses “people of color,” and are so merely because they are white.

But discrimination on the basis of skin color has been outlawed in this country for more than 60 years. One might reasonably ask, “WTF is white privilege”?



lmclain said...

What is "white privilege"?

An excuse.
Quit making excuses and blaming OTHER PEOPLE for your failures.

Tell a white person who grew up with 7 brothers and sisters and wore the same pants to school for a month and wore tennis shoes until they fell apart that he has some kind of "privilege".
What he has (and had) was a MOM & DAD (what a concept!!) who didn't let him do poorly in school (maybe ONCE, but the licking you took for that "D" was lesson enough), made him work hard from age 7, didn't allow a smart aleck word to be uttered, punished us badly for lying, cheating, and stealing, and set a moral example.
Don't tell me that YOU (black person) who grew up in single parent household with a mom who really didn't give a F if you went to school or not, let you smoke dope in your room, have friends come over until midnight on school nights, ENCOURAGED you to fight and argue, and didn't mind you stealing or dealing, as long as she got her cut.
Your father? You never knew him, or he still has 15 years left on a 30 year stretch.
White privilege, my ass.
Learn correct English (and USE IT), learn to spell, learn to take criticism without starting a fight, obey the law and the police, and don't join a gang.
If you do those things, it's very likely that you will get some privilege, too.

Anonymous said...

Imclain......well said,thank you

Anonymous said...

1233 and others, you are criticizing a concept you have very little knowledge about. Your knowledge is limited to what you have been spoon fed by sites like this. Like so many other issues, perhaps if you took a moment to shut your mouth and open your eyes and ears, you may learn something. Even more, once you learn, you may find that you actually agree. Perhaps that is what you are truly scared of.

lmclain said...

YOU are the one falling for a "concept".

Anyone can get anything they want in this country. It just depends on how badly you want it.

Want 70-80 work weeks for 5-7 years? little to no break or vacation??
You will probably be driving a Benz.
Skin color doesn't preclude you from success. Attitude does, however.
Lastly, I'm not "scared" of ANY idea.
I'm just sick of being blamed for OTHER people's failure to achieve, like I had something to do with your single mom, your bad grades, your criminal record, or your "poor me" attitude.
Black people, in my opinion, will NEVER be anything until they stop making it everyone else's fault that they can't control their lives and insisting they can't do anything without someone helping them or giving them an advantage.
In case you missed it, I'm calling BS on you.

Anonymous said...

Rich whites and blacks get along fine.
If poor white people were so privileged their kids would not be adopting black culture. Poor white people are screwed if they are racist. The have no cultural media venues or outlet opportunities to rise from the ghetto through music or affirmative action. Just as many of them are on welfare and drugs stuck as apathetic outsiders in the American dream. It's rural and in the cities. It's not so much any sort of racism as it is classism.
The disenfranchised want their fair shake first and not have to compete yet further with other desperate poor that are flooding across our borders. We would truly have a revolution on our hands if they were not all doped up.

Anonymous said...

What is it that you think we should learn. How to accept the term white privilege - not.

Anonymous said...

Uh...white IS a color too!

Enough of this bullsh*t!