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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Does SBYNews Damage Our Democracy, NO

While Facebook is being criticized for damaging democracy, we have never denied we are in fact a Conservative Website, period.

Our goal is to support the Conservative Party. However, I firmly stand behind who I feel is the best qualified person to represent our district and country. A prime example is my recent support, (for now) for Senator Jim Mathias. 

So to those who want to come here and express your anger towards what I/We do, click the big red "X" on the top right hand corner of your screen, it's really that simple. I'm not out to please everyone. I'm not, (nor have I ever been) out to garnish more hits/traffic then anyone else. It just happened, period. Now you might understand why I am surprised we garnish what we do. It's important to also know, ANY Liberal can start their own local Blog and compete/counter what we say and do. They don't because I'm usually right.

All that being said, Democrats are not my enemy. Many of them are basically good-hearted people and are very sincere in what they believe. I simply disagree with a lot of their agenda. You see, I believe we created a Constitution, a Declaration of Independence, A Bill of Rights and many other pieces of legislation we as Americans stand by and believe in. It, (to me) is a kind of Master Plan for how we as Americans believe and ultimately act. The bastardization of rejecting, breaking and most importantly changing by the Liberal Party infuriates me. Sending children off to public schools where our children are being brainwashed with just how wrong AMERICA is any more puts me over the top. 

It's a shame that the geniuses within our Founding Fathers are all rolling over in their graves. We as Americans are becoming way too soft. Most of you can't say that you are not ashamed of who we've become as a Country. Many of Americans now threaten to leave this Country if so and so is elected. What A Divide!

When someone, (a non politician) comes along and says we need to "Make America Great Again" the job really isn't as difficult as most might think. You see, all we need to do is go back to what our Founding Fathers created, eliminate many of the new laws, (since then) and STOP our elected officials from here on out from creating stupid and ignorant legislation that includes new fines and taxes while treating us like law breakers 24/7. Example, a $100.00 fine for not removing snow from our sidewalks within 24 hours all the way up to not having Health Insurance and beyond. If you want to challenge me by saying these aren't criminal acts, think again. If you challenge them in court, (which I have) it ends up on your record.

Salisbury News is here to challenge our elected officials. The ONLY damage our democracy is experiencing are those elected officials taking away our original foundation. We are not criminals. We are LEGAL Americans. We are TAXPAYERS and in the end we are VOTERS. Funny how it's not against the law to not VOTE. Go Figure! I support President Donald Trump with the hope he does "Make America Great Again".


Anonymous said...

Say it aint so Joe - This was a Conservative Website/Blog, supporting the Conservative Party? Whoa Nellie!



Anonymous said...

It's always the stupid who wage war on education...

Anonymous said...

Your blog is the light in the room. Love seeing the cockroaches run for cover. The DT at one time was the only source of local info. Well i for one knew they lied and deceived and just acted as a mouthpiece for those in power. Well those days are gone thankfully hopefully so will the DT.
I have been a faithful follower since the zoo issue got you on a roll. Exposing all the backroom dealings, scams, lies and sedition practiced by our so called leaders.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with you. Democrats are the enemy and this goes to the local ones too. When and until they speak out on sanctuary cities they will continue to be the enemy. When and until they speak out on the special treatment Hilary Clinton received they will be an enemy. When and until they speak out about the ridiculous Russian collusion witch hunt they will continue to be an enemy. The list is endless but that is a start. It starts at the bottom of the democrat party and goes up. The local democrat politicians won't speak out on these issues because they don't want to ruin their stand within the party in case they seek higher office. None fool me. They are the enemy.