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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Secret Newt Gingrich memo helped save Trump's agenda

President Trump was floundering at the halfway point in his first year in office, and longtime supporter and cheerleader Newt Gingrich was worried about the GOP agenda and maybe even the survival of the new administration itself.

Concerns about Russian election meddling and White House fumbling had led to the failure to overturn Obamacare, institute sweeping immigration changes, and pass massive tax reform. And worse for the headline-seeking president, the media had become the “opposition party.”

The former House speaker had seen it all before: President Ronald Reagan caught up in the Iran-Contra Affair, scandal-plagued President Bill Clinton being impeached over the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal.

But they found a way to survive, and now, a new book from noted media pundit Howard Kurtz reveals that Gingrich set to get Trump and his agenda back on track with a “secret memo.”

According to Kurtz’s “Media Madness,” which will be released by Regnery Publishing on Jan. 29, the Gingrich memo was titled, “Breaking out of the Gridlock,” and aimed at recharging the Trump White House and dodging bad press.

Himself a master of the media, Gingrich included a section he headlined, “Communications Strategy in the Middle of a Distraction.” Under that, he wrote, “We are being sucked into stupid fights about stupid attacks and being distracted from arousing and organizing the American people on big topics that will change history.”

Gingrich, the architect of the 1994 “Contract With America” that gave the GOP control of Congress, suggested a four-month Trump blitz on jobs, wages, and economic growth that would prove the Republicans could get things done.

And he pushed for a public relations campaign that would “shrink the media attacks into irrelevancy.”


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