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Friday, October 12, 2018

The Top 5 Regions Where Cannabis Is Grown in the US

October is that magical time of the year that brings out the best in America’s favorite pastime, as well as cannabis. While the top baseball teams match up in the Fall Classic, the nation’s most delectable sun-grown cannabis will be harvested throughout a season better known as Croptober.

And just like baseball, the year’s most elite crops will be dependent on the strength of its hometown advantages.

Much like the benefit of an energized home crowd, high-grade strains become that way due to its friendly environs. Climate conditions are obviously the most important factor in growing primo buds, but isn’t the only one to take into consideration. Variables like population and legal status can be just as important as soil and water quality when it comes to choosing an area to cultivate.

As the postseason strips the league down to its most elite teams, here are our picks for the best regions in the US for growing cannabis.



Anonymous said...

Maryland doesn't make the list for obvious reasons.

Anonymous said...

They forgot the rooftops of DC where legal private gardens are visible from the Capitol.