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Friday, October 12, 2018

Protester to Candace Owens: ‘You’re Not Black’

Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle joined Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens on the second stop of Turning Point USA’s Campus Clash tour Tuesday at the University of Georgia. The four spoke to an audience of 1,500 students and supporters, but one protester took issue with Owens’ race.

Among the crowd were protesters who seemed to take displeasure in the fact that Owens is a black conservative.

“You’re not black!” Shouted one agitator while Owens explained why she left the Democratic Party.

“[The Left] believes that someone loses their blackness as soon as they become a conservative,” reacted Kirk, “They did this to Clarence Thomas, they did this to Dr. Ben Carson, and now they’re doing this to Candace Owens.”

“Make no mistake, the Left believes that they own black people,” added Owens, “So when a black person has the audacity to stand on stage and say—I no longer agree with these policies, and I would like to think with my brain as opposed to my skin tone, they lose their minds.”

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Anonymous said...

The Left is still under the impression that they're the owners of a big plantation, with a population that bows and says "yassuh" every time it passes out some free stuff.
Time is running out for them as people get smarter about politics.

Anonymous said...

Our whole trickle down Democracy is a Plantation Mentality. Why do we keep electing the elite silver spoon fed entitled to represent us ? How are any of them special ? They have the luxury and leisure and financial security to do little more than seek the obtuse and perversity of POWER. Just what is the appeal of ruling a nation of fractured and divided working slobs ? Those that have are making out and those that think they have are on board grasping to hold on too not grand wealth but their meager dwindling class status.