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Friday, October 12, 2018

Evidence Dems are panicking over black voters: CNN panel insults Kanye West as 'negro' on eve of his White House visit

Democrats need 90% black turnout and 90% black support in order to win elections on a national scale. Anything that erodes either number is a mortal threat. They must be sensing softness, if not outright desertion in the face of three factors:

1. Blacks have done far better under Trump than Obama in terms of rising employment opportunities and rising wages. The growth in manufacturing employment in particular has pushed up wages in the segments of the labor market with heavy black participation. Few people of any color prefer life on food stamps and unemployment insurance to gainful employment at rising wages.

2. The enthusiastic support of Kanye West, slated to visit the White House along with football icon "Big Jim" Brown (as President Trump affectionately calls him), powerfully diminishes the ability of Democrats to call on ethnic solidarity to spike turnout and support.

3. The Democrats' embrace of political correctness is unattractive to black voters. Steven Hayward of Powerline cites a startling study revealing the depth of repugnance felt by blacks and Hispanics toward P.C.:



Anonymous said...

Don Lemondhead needs to be FIRED.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to say when it was that the Dems started painting themselves into a corner regarding the black vote, but it was definitely accelerated by the empty promises of Obama, the callous rudeness and pandering by Hillary Clinton, and, of course, the tired stereotypical race baiting by the likes of Farrakhan, Waters, and Cummings, all darlings of the completely corrupted MSM.
The die is near cast. The Dems are going down.

Anonymous said...

And loving it

Anonymous said...

Vote, vote, vote.