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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Cannabis Price Collapse Putting Billions in Consumers’ Pockets

Wholesale cannabis prices could hit as low as $30 an ounce in some parts of the country by Christmas as another record crop of outdoor cannabis floods markets and sinks prices.

For example, the legal recreational market in Oregon continues to drown in a multi-year surplus. Oregon produced 10 times the cannabis it needs each year, and approximately 825,000 pounds of unsold dried wholesale flower now sits in the state’s tracking system, says Jonathan Rubin, CEO of Cannabis Benchmarks, which tracks wholesale prices.

“Prices are the lowest we have tracked and now we have the fall harvest coming in,” Rubin said. “Over the coming months, we anticipate for prices to decline with outdoor, sun-grown flowers.”



Anonymous said...

While in Maryland, where it's still illegal, prices on the street remain stable.

Anonymous said...

While in Delaware they take advantage of the medical marijuana patients by charging them 400.00 per ounce. Maybe I better think about moving West.

Anonymous said...

If it's going to be "legal", then government doesn't need to be in the middle of it.

Anonymous said...

And Maryland was dumb enough to make it legal, wait till you see after a year the number of driver fatalities caused by that decision.

Anonymous said...

Like no one has been smoking weed for the last 50 years and all of a sudden everyone is stoned? Give me a break.

Anonymous said...

Damn, I pay $225-250 an ounce. Where is this magical place that has it for $30?

BTW, not all tokers are stereotype stoners. Some of imbibe and run successful lives. I have a normal family and run a successful business, provide jobs, pay taxes, etc.