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Friday, August 31, 2018

'Section 8 Need Not Apply': States and Cities Outlaw Housing Discrimination Based on Income Source

Landlords often reject applicants who use public assistance to help pay their rent.

Washington state is the latest jurisdiction to pass a law to protect low-income renters from housing discrimination.

House Bill 2578, which will go into effect at the end of September, makes it illegal for landlords to reject applicants based on their use of public assistance, including Section 8, Social Security or veterans benefits.

"We have a housing crisis in Washington. In Seattle, the market is so tight that I would hear about tenants getting [evicted] just because they were using public assistance. There were some property owners that weren’t even accepting veterans," says Democratic state Rep. Marcus Riccelli, who introduced the legislation.



Anonymous said...

Go to any section 8 project and see how well they value the property

Anonymous said...

You can use a credit check. I am sure that would eliminate a lot of the concern. For every time the govt wants to force the hands of private citizens there is usually a way around it. Of course Obama Care is the exception but, what do you expect when the two parties are in bed with each other.

Anonymous said...

Well there goes the neighborhood!

Anonymous said...