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Friday, August 31, 2018

Nixon Campaign Complains About 'Sexist' Low Office Temperatures in Request for Warm Debate With Cuomo

A top strategist for New York gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon (D.) called work offices that are overly air-conditioned "sexist" in a request for balmier room temperatures for Wednesday's primary debate between Nixon and incumbent Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D.).

After accusing the debate host, WCBS-TV, of being too acquiescent to Cuomo's demands ahead of the debate, Rebecca Katz called for the event hall at Hofstra University on Long Island to be 76 degrees, the New York Timesreported. Katz wrote an email to the station, obtained by the Times, saying that working conditions are "notoriously sexist when it comes to room temperature, so we just want to make sure we're all on the same page here."

Cuomo prefers cooler temperatures for speeches and events, the Times noted.

Ms. Katz said on Tuesday she had yet to hear back from WCBS-TV, and that 76 degrees was just an opening offer to ensure the temperatures were not uncomfortably cold. The Cuomo campaign said it was unaware of what temperature the room would be. The station declined to comment.

Back in May, Ms. Nixon challenged Mr. Cuomo to multiple debates but Mr. Cuomo has agreed to just this one encounter, with barely two weeks before the primary. "CBS was very frank with us that they really didn’t have a choice — that these were his demands and if they were not acceded to, he wouldn’t show up," Ms. Nixon said this month.



Anonymous said...

Wow... Just, wow. Glad she is focused on the real issues that plague women. I, for one, will be glad when discriminatory temperatures are a thing of the past! Lol, is she an idiot???

Anonymous said...

yeah because no tax payer in america is ever cold or hungry in their own homes while they aren`t at work. any politician or any person who wants to be a politician, who can`t represent the the people without being the perfect enviroment, shouldn`t even bother being a politician who represents the people. the people whom you aspire to represent don`t have perfect lives, so don`t expect the hard working tax payers to sympathize with you when the climate control is 2 degrees higher or lower than your optimal comfort zone. if that`s your biggest complaint in your life than you have no idea how to represent the tax payers who are paying your salary.

Anonymous said...

Men wear 3 layers of clothing, undershirt, shirt, jacket.
I suggest she put a sweater on or wear a cami.
It is also notoriously hot in these halls and then add a couple of 100 people generating heat.
Obviously she doesn't have much of a platform if this is what she is whining about
76 is ridiculously hot in the summertime, and I am a female.

the article is also very biased in favor of Cuomo.

Such garbage. We have bigger issues.

Anonymous said...

76 is way too hot!

Anonymous said...

What's a "cami"?

Anonymous said...

I would be freezing my butt off at 76.

Anonymous said...

Since no one can agree on the temperature in most offices .....ask going in before you take the job. I was constantly hot in the last job and everyone was playing with the temperature controller. So hot heads got together and had a cover locked over the thermostat when the owner heard about all the complaining. After I left I was told it was set on "tropical jungle" temperatures and the building owner is thrilled to be saving on all the $$$ they are saving. Hahaha. I got out just in time.

Anonymous said...

Put on a sweater. Imagine the hubris... you should sweat and be uncomfortable so I don't have to wear a sweater.

You can always put on more clothes to stay warmer. You can only get so unclothed to cool off.

The nerve of some people.

This is just a political game. If he says that she's being unreasonable, he's sexist. If he acquiesces to the request, then he'll look hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable giving her an advantage in a debate... think Kennedy vs Nixon debate. Radio listeners though Nixon won.... but Television viewers thought the opposite because Nixon looked sweaty and uncomfortable.