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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Trump supporters pelted by eggs, punches can sue San Jose cops after attack, court says

Supporters of then-presidential candidate Donald Trump who were met with flying eggs and punches from counter protesters during a June 2016 San Jose campaign rally can sue the city’s police for allegedly failing to protect them, a new court ruling said.

Trump supporters – many sporting red Make America Great Again hats – who were attending a rally at the McEnery Convention Center were met with hundreds of anti-Trump protesters as they were shepherded out of the building via a single exit.

The suit's 20 plaintiffs claim in a lawsuit that police knowingly ordered them to leave through an exit where protesters were waiting, despite the existence of a safer route and other exits, the San Francisco Chronicle reported last week.

The plaintiff's said they were beaten or struck by objects thrown by the protesters. Initial accounts of the events also said at least one woman was pelted by an egg after a crowd of demonstrators surrounded her, as seen in video of the incident.

One plaintiff claims an officer told her police had been instructed not to intervene in the melee.

The lawsuit says police arrested three people for allegedly assaulting officers at the scene, but no one for attacking Trump supporters, the Chronicle reported.



Anonymous said...

So i see the masonic lodges who allot of cops are involved in support the luciferian agenda. Masons worship lucifer in case you didnt know. Most lower masons are deveived into thinking otherwise

Anonymous said...

That's how we need to start treating Democrats

Anonymous said...

Cops turning into pu$$ies, cities getting sued for non-protection. WTF?

Anonymous said...

Typical of San Francisco's leadership.

Anonymous said...

Awesome sue the snowflakes for everything there parents have lol

Anonymous said...

Good, It's not the officers fault they were told to stand down. I hope the plaintiff's get millions and it takes money away from other services.

Anonymous said...

Police should be your second line of defense.