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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Jeb Bush's Florida do-gooder with a $761,000 salary

Next time you hear President Obama, or Jeb Bush, or Bernie Sanders call for more funds and programs for some social issue, or else praise public-private "partnerships," take a gander at what goes on in such rackets over in Florida, from this Miami Herald report:

Tiffany Carr runs the state's top domestic violence organization, a nonprofit that uses public money – state and federal – to finance shelters and other essential services. And she makes a good living.

How good? In a June 30, 2017 report, the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence disclosed she is paid $761,560 annually, a salary that is approved by its board. She hit that mark after receiving pay raises totaling $313,475 over a two-year period.

"That's – it's ridiculous," said Dan Ravicher, a professor at University of Miami School of Law who focuses on nonprofits, business and social entrepreneurship. "We're talking almost 2 percent of the budget being paid to one person. That's pretty unusual."



Anonymous said...

This is ole corruptible news. All start up grant for new organizations that is funded by the government start out with 75% to the organizers/trustees and 25% to the people the organizers claims they are trying to help. The organizers/trustees make thousand of dollars off the disenfranchisement of the citizens with tax payers money. That's how the 1%, their children's and grand-children's stay in control. The rich continue to get richer and the poorer stay poor.

Anonymous said...

Almost doubled her salary in 2 years. Wish I could do that!

Anonymous said...

"Non-profit" is Anti-American!

Anonymous said...

If you investigate most non profits it's pretty much the same.

Anonymous said...

That's the exact reason why I've never given a dime to them. Look at some of the salaries that are paid to executives of some of these non profits ! Unbelievable.