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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

The Republican Party: Not Much of a Horse But the Only One in the Corral

The tragedy of American conservatism is that its only electoral home is in a party most of whose funds come from those who agree with the globalist agenda and whose privileged position insulates them from its disastrous cultural consequences. In short, America’s corporate elite is making tons of money from globalism -- chiefly, mass immigration and manufacturing outsourcing -- while they experience no negative effects in their privileged and insular world.

Oh sure, they advocate a bit of border protection here, a little improvement in US trade deals there, but basically they’re on board for free trade, relaxed borders and mass immigration. They have a wealthy person’s distaste for excessive government regulation and high taxes -- hence, they are “Republicans” -- but, stem the flood of cheap labor immigrants? Why on earth would they want to do that?

The first economic consequence of mass immigration is lower labor costs across the economy, from lettuce pickers to computer programmers, and that pushes historic quantities of money up to America’s corporate owners and executives. The working and middle classes endure the economic downside in the form of fewer jobs and much lower wages.



Anonymous said...

Quit whining
Can't stand people who can't accept progress
especially good progress
They look for and accentuate any seemingly negative impact
instead you should be saying why aren't local folks taking these jobs
not everyone starts a the top

Anonymous said...

And as the US must borrow more as a result of the trillion dollar for the foreseeable future rich mans tax cuts their buying power will diminish even more . THis is not negative ,...its just a fact