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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

New futuristic Israeli 'dune-buggy' is bristling with weapons

This fast attack buggy looks like it is made of Legos – and it reconfigures similar to Legos – but it is a lethal combat machine.

Foldable weapons systems, camouflage against thermal imagers, protection against nuclear weapons, tech to defeat chemical attacks, armor against explosions and machine gun fire … these are just a few of the options that forces can choose for this new vehicle, the Mantis.

The external looks are deliberately different, the inside is radically different as well. Rather than a typical ATV seat, the driver’s experience is like being sat in an aircraft cockpit.

The Mantis was revealed by Carmor at the Eurosatory event in Paris last week.

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Anonymous said...

Need one for deer season at Assateague

Anonymous said...

Yea 1:56 PM ....... you need protection from those hunters from the Western shore.......Also I was not aware that Assateague had a deer season

Anonymous said...

This is a perfect weapon to patrol our boarders with.

Anonymous said...

10:37 you are right, after the wall is built we need a few hundred of those on patrol carrying real live ammo.