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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Teen brothers arrested in fatal gang-related stabbing in Silver Spring; 3rd suspect wanted

SILVER SPRING, Md. (ABC7) — Two teens have been arrested in the gang-related killing of a man found dead in some woods last month, while a third suspect is still being sought.

Sixteen-year-old brothers Lenin and Bryan Mancias-Callejas were arrested and charged Wednesday with first-degree murder, second-degree murder and other related charges in the stabbing death of 19-year-old Herson Mejia-Alvarez.



Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

but, but... they're not animals -- Nancy Pelosi

Anonymous said...

They are not reporting it but this is another MS13 gang related crime. We need to keep praising Gov. Hogan, Mike Miller and Michael Bush for allowing Illegals, MS13 and the Gangs to taking over Maryland. These three have to answer why they want to tighten up gun laws and right to carry permits with a high price tag, so we can protect our Families. Why can I not protect my family when they have body guards with weapons?

Anonymous said...

Antifa Wicomico supports them.

ANTIFA Wicomico includes Jamaad Gould, James Yamakawa, Amber Green, Jake Day, Jake Burdett, Jared Schablein, Earle Hatton, Michele Gregory, Michael Feldman, Josh Hastings, Dan O'Hare and quite a few others. These are the ones that are dangerous because they are trying to take over county politics.

Some of these idiots are running for office and no matter what your party is, Democrat or Republican, you would be foolish to vote for them. Although they are on the ticket as Democrats, they don't identify as Democrats, they identify are Progressives and they are taling about bringing war to the streets.

Do not vote for them!!

Anonymous said...

yes these are her "cubs" as she so politely put it.

Anonymous said...

Love the Supertramp song...

Anonymous said...

They look illegal

lmclain said...

Dreamers. I got a "dream" for them, too.

If your daughter won't be a prostitute for them (at age 14) or your son won't pay them $20 a week for NOT beating him up every day, then their "dream" is to lure them into the woods and cut them apart with machetes.
Liberals want MORE of them in YOUR neighborhood and schools.
NONE of them go to THEIR neighborhoods, or schools.
And YOU are not to be trusted with guns???
When it's 5 against one and THEY have machetes, it's way too late for negotiation.

Thank God, I never ever thought I need any man's PERMISSION to carry whatever gun I want.
ESPECIALLY from goose stepping rulers and gun toting Nazi's who surround themselves with guns.
These dreamers may want to convince YOU of something one day soon.
If all you have in your pocket is a Bic pen and your wallet, you better see it their way.
That's the way Hogan wants it and so does every liberal democrat that is still wasting air.
Which is why we buy guns. Whether you like it or not.
Doesn't THAT just irritate the hell out of you wanna-be Nazi's??
It should also scare the hell out of you.
Keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

Hey cry babies. Maybe he was interfering with their dreams of having a better life.