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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Comey Kept Assange Captive to Hide DNC Fraud

Former FBI Director sabotaged immunity deal

Strozk hides behind “National Security” secrets, refusing to give any information to the House Intelligence Committee which is cleared so they can perform oversight.

Also, we learn how James Comey scuttled the deal to release Assange in exchange for getting information about how the DNC emails were actually obtained and how to better protect National Security documents like VAULT7 that had been sent to WikiLeaks.


Anonymous said...

Assange knows who murdered Seth Rich.

Anonymous said...

Jarrod Ramos.

Anonymous said...

Please, Assange is dead, been dead for a while now...

lmclain said...

He did it because he would be in prison right now if what he and his self-appointed saviors of our democracy (sometime people need to be framed, humiliated, and killed, but it the job) were revealed.
And if they could kill Kennedy and every person (over 400 of them) that had a clue about any of it, what do you think will happen to Comey? Or Assange?
He's no hero or patriot (comey), but a traitor who tried to use fake and false info, lies, and made up documents to alter the results of an American presidential election.
March him IMMEDIATELY into the street and hang him on TV. In front of the entire losing Democrat figures who were his aides and accomplices, including that killer hillary. Then, give them their turn.
On TV.
Jefferson PREDICTED IT -- and I guarantee beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he was smarter than any ten of any of you cheer leaders have ever imagined yourselves to be.
So what do YOU think will eventually happen? Peace, love, diversity, inclusion, and free houses and Masters Degrees for everyone?
Wrong answer, you goof.

See if their wealth and self-serving buddy-system comes to their aid. (I PRAY they do). There's a LOT of house cleaning hat needs to be done.